Who,Why, When, Where, How

A writer who does not write regularly is like a surgeon with a fear of scalpels, not particularly successful.
I try to excuse my lack of writing on life circumstances, however if it was a true passion of mine I would find the time and energy it deserves, right? Right. As a recent return to night-school student who is an English major focusing on Journalism I feel I should be more inspired, but I am not.

I like the sharing of ideas, researching of information, and can put all the information into a neatly construed readable format but my professor says I lack color in my writing. I have the words but not the punch a good writer should have to entice their readers to continue reading past the first couple of sentences.

Hence the why of my returning to blogging. I want to see if I can get my passion for writing back.The how is looking at my life circumstances and of those around me through a writers view. Everyone has a story. which I hope to share here.
My frequency will depend on what I find around me that inspires me, however I am hopeful I can do this at the very least weekly.


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