It is easy to get caught up in looking back and not so much as looking toward the future. It is easier to just to stick to what you know than to hope for a future that is hopefully brighter, even better.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a website where you write to your future self to check in on how things have changed since the letter. When I wrote my future self I was concerned with my financial future since I was unemployed due to a layoff and the job market was not looking great.
I was in-between temp jobs and the future was uncertain. I was also a bit lovesick over a person that at this point, I can’t remember the details of the relationship. I was worried I would have to move back in with family for the sake of my family of two.
That was 2010 heading into 2011.

The new year brought me into yet another temp job for about five months and then another period of about a month of unemployment before landing the temp job that ultimately led me to my current full-time job.

Things I learned about myself: I worry too much over things beyond my control. I am a survivor, that life is a series of events that guide us to where we need to be even if we have no idea where that actually is.

Remember the past, but do not dwell. Look toward the future even if the path is uncertain. Life has a way of working itself out.