Homeland & Dexter..wtf(spoilers)

Today was the season finale of both series and the beginning of the end for Dexter. At the top of both shows there was a disclaimer about the violence on both shows and how it might not be suitable viewing to some due to the recent tragedy.

Dexter started where we left off….Dexter still with the Captain hot on his tail, his being torn on the whole Hannah vs, Debra mess, As usual he outsmarts the one after him and sadly a new twist, he brings someone into his darkness. The season has been for me, lackluster, With one season left I am compelled to see how this all wraps up. but if he gets away with it all, I will be one upset fan.

In Homeland, we also kind of began where we left off. I was curious to see how Carrie would be put back together after Brody died, but he didn’t die.I was genuinely convinced Brody would die. Quinn couldn’t do it and I love how Quinn set Estes straight. So it seems that next seasons arc will on some level consist of Carrie attempting to clear Brody’s name which I am sure will conflict with Saul’s agenda, which is still not clear. Makes for great drama though.




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