First semester down

Today was the official end to my first semester in school in six years. I was worried whether I could get back in the swing of academic life and sometimes the struggle was hard to the point I thought I should just give up. As I left my last class tonight I informed my teacher,who is also my adviser, that I decided to do a minor in Economics. My professor was surprised.

Why Economics? I follow it closely and marvel at the psychology of it all and it is closest related to my day job. I work in a profession that I deal with people’s personal economics and their relationship to money.

This whole semester has had me wondering what is my passion? What kind of stories out there invoke the strongest response from me? Money and those attempting to control how others use it. I would love to be well versed in the history of economics and how it works globally.

As my first semester comes to an end I worry about the future but I am more hopeful that this newest adventure,higher education,leads to a better future. I have a better idea of where I want my life to go than I did in early September.


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