“But before asking about book ideas, my first question would be, why do you think it needs to be written? It seems you need to have a vision of the thing from the beginning…and even then you need to be ready for it to turn out quite different from what you expect.”

A quote from a fellow blogger above…I began to wonder about that idea that keeps swarming around in my head about my family story. I have a clear vision that I want to focus on their struggle of making a life for themselves and their children in a foreign land. Both sides  struggled tremendously, having to find work, learn the language, acquire a piece of the American dream. However I struggle on where to stop. The story is still unfolding. Do I tell the story up until things start turning in their favor and foreshadow what comes next? Who’s perspective? In the past I have had issues with narrative and tense. Also that it is a story so close to home.

Why do I feel it is a story needs to be told? I want there to be a record of my grandparents life. This is also why I worry about doing their story justice.

How do you outline your story ideas? What helps you start writing?


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