Holiday parties

I am not what others would call a social butterfly. There are only a handful that get to see me with my guard down.

When the yearly Holiday party comes around I get panicky. My palms get cold, sweaty and I lose a few nights of sleep leading up to the party.This year was no different. You might think, well you see these people 5 days a week, 8 hours a day..what is the big deal?
I work with a fun group of people with a strong party ethic which I do not subscribe to so it can get umm awkward. I struggle to find things to talk to them about, we usually only talk shop. Every year I come away from the party with a fresh perspective.

This year I was not the odd one,awkward yes but not the odd one. Despite my aversion to partying I make an appearance and try my best to interact with my co-workers on a social level. This year we have a new employee that declined to go. They felt that they see us everyday and that was enough.

Am I wrong to think that is unprofessional? Socializing and mingling with others outside of work is an unspoken job duty, especially when it comes to events sponsored by work?

What was your best or worst Holiday party experience?



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