Prevention is key

In 2012 I am not sure how this could happen but a friends teenage family member just gave birth and claims to not have known she was pregnant. How is that possible? They all thought she was just getting heavy and claim to have not had a clue. I don’t get it.

Having been pregnant officially once, I can’t wrap my mind around the idea of not knowing. There are definite physically, emotional and symptom tales.
My guess is that they either knew and thought ignoring it would make it less real or they were too scared to tell someone and hid it.

When I was in High School hidden pregnancies happened often, sadly. One case that made headlines was the Prom baby. The girl had the baby in the bathroom and then went back to the prom. What?

I had a friend in HS whose sister was pregnant, never went back to the doctor and hid it. When she finally told her parents the stress propelled her into labor. She was seven months pregnant. The baby lived, miraculously.

I know it is hard to discuss sex and the ways to prevent pregnancy with your child. I go the other direction and let my teenager know it is ok to talk to me about it. I always suggest waiting until marriage but if that looks unlikely please protect yourself. There are worse things than getting pregnant. There are diseases out there that are not curable and you have to carry with you forever.

If they are afraid to talk to you they will find someone else to talk to and possibly get some misinformation.

Let your children know that you may not like what they have done, but you will always love them.

Prevention is key.Communication helps.


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