Resolutions, an attempt to hold oneself accountable for changes we hope we can make and continue through the next year. I am not very good at continuing through.

Looking back through 2012 it has been mostly OK. I was able to be in the same job, started school again toward my bachelors, relatively OK health, and the child has been safe and healthy. The cons to this past year has been my grandfather becoming sick and only with specs of improvement here and there. The long-term prognosis not good, hopeful but not very good.
This year has had me confront the reality that my grandparents will not be around too much longer. I do not like the idea of a world without them. They have been my rock emotionally, mentally and sadly sometimes financially throughout my life. Their ordeal has had me confront some of my issues head on. My only regret with them is that I wish I could have made them proud.

My resolutions for 2013 is live a life that would make my grandparents proud, to be more responsible with my money,to continue to do well in school,to lose weight( I am a couple of hamburgers away from a heart attack),to start that novel I have been thinking about what seems forever, to find love, and to make the best of my work environment.

What are your resolutions for 2013?