The right music

With my grandpa’s drama ongoing the urgency of writing my Milagros story surged in me. The story is loosely based on his side of the family tree. I went looking for the music to best set me in the right mind-set. What did I find at my local library? It is best described as big band Cuban music.

The music cd’s: The music of Cuba(1909 – 1951), Son Cubano NYC (1972-82) and now playing the soundtrack to the movie Before night falls.
I was kind of disappointed that there was not a lot options to choose from. I might have to invest some money into CD’s of the musicians suggested by my grandparents.
I might not live in a town that is diverse but I was hopeful that within the areas my local library shares renting ability that I could have had more selection. No such luck.

Any suggestions for NJ-NY-CT tri-state area for great Cuban music from 1900-1960? I have wheels and willing to travel.

What kind of music is best for your writing? Does it depend on what you are writing?


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