Finding love

I have been married but I can’t honestly say I have found love,ever. Most people do not get married with the idea that they will get divorced. It seems that the trend these days is to death do us part, really means till death do us part until it becomes really hard.

In the days my grandparents(both sets) got married divorce was not an option and if it came to divorce it was frowned upon and it was on the woman to find a new husband, ASAP.
Neither of my grandparents had perfect marriages. Nothing is perfect. They did have the resolve to work on it and put up with stuff that is unheard of these days.

Short of abuse people should try to make it work especially if there are children involved. Marry someone who you can talk through stuff with and intimacy is not an issue. The ability to talk to each other will come in handy when sex is no longer an option and the intimacy compatibility comes in handy to smooth out the rough patches.

This weekend I saw glimpses of what brought my parents together and ultimately drove them apart.
I witnessed the pain in the loss of life partner.
When I had to interact with my own ex this weekend I realized what drew me to him is the thing that I now what I can’t stand about him. He has a great mind but the warmth of a snow storm.

I have yet to find my life partner and I still have hope one day I will. If I can find half of what my grandparents had I will be one lucky girl.


2 thoughts on “Finding love

  1. Hi Sarah, I completely feel you on this one. Especially because divorce wasn’t an option before, I wonder if we should have tried harder to make it work. But then I remind myself of how miserable I was when I felt like all my trying didn’t matter and how I don’t want that kind of a relationship to be an example for my daughter. It will happen for us. There’s someone for everyone… right?

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