Dating Karma

You ever think back and wonder wtf was I thinking? I know I have. I have been the ex that is missed, the one that they have their own wtf was I thinking moment and others where if we bumped into each other we probably wouldn’t remember each other.

Five years ago next month I relocated to the armpit state of the Northeast. I tell myself it was because I wanted to prove to myself I could make it on my own. Mostly this was true, but in reality it was also partly due to a boy.
I had been talking about moving back for the better part of a decade but never did for fear of failure. At the time I had a small child. I still had a small child a decade in but the child was less small. It began in small steps, find a job. Six months into my job search I found a temp to perm job. Not the best security but still a job.
In the midst of the job search and countless visit to the armpit there was a boy. I say boy because men approaching 30 do not live at home with their parents. We had a strong physical connection and at the time I did not realize that was about the scope of it.
Anyhow I find a job, a friends couch to stay for six weeks to find a place of my own. The kiddo stays with my family while I sort out the details and the school year ends.

I am missing a few parts but suffice it to say that the reality of me being in close proximity tanked the relationship. I also admit I stuck foot in my mouth in the process as well. He totally shut me out, stopped taking my calls and such. I was devastated however I had to move on. I had a new life to construct. There were times where I thought what I have done? Do I run back and admit defeat to my family? That is where the resolve to move forward and try not to sink kicked in.
Through some bumps along the way we(kiddo and I) have managed to carve out a place for ourselves in our new reality. It has proven to be best thing for us and for my relationships with my family. I guess it is true, sometimes distance does make the heart grow fonder.

A couple of years in I went to the movies with a younger sister that lives in the neighboring superstar state of my area. I pick the movie, she picks a location close to her house. Halfway through the movie I spot the boy referenced above and can’t help but feel a nervous panic. The boy notices me as well, apparently mentions it to his friend who happens to take a look back and they apparently agree to move further toward the middle of their row.

I was upset. I had not realized I had become THAT ex to this boy. You know the one? The one you avoid at all cost if you should cross paths.I guess the dating karma bug bit me in the ass.

How would you handle bumping into an ex?


2 thoughts on “Dating Karma

  1. I’ve never experienced that and I’m friendly with most of my exes. However, there is one that I wouldn’t want to see again. I ran into him once shortly after we broke up and I said hi and started shaking….I really wanted to punch him. He had an “oh poor you smirk on his face” (he cheated on me) so I think I could’ve justified it. But, I didn’t. It wasn’t worth it. I don’t think I’d avoid him now given that time has passed but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to say hi.

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