Old neighborhood dream

I had a dream last night about being on my childhood block. The dream opened with me talking to the elderly couple neighbors that lived next to the first house. We lived in two houses on the same block. The first house was directly across from the second house. We talked about the first house and how big it was and if the second owners still lived there. As we were talking I went through mental images of the house. The first floor, the finished basement, the big garden, garage and the second floor where I lived with my family of four at the time. Then I looked across the street and saw an updated version of the original update. You see, the second house I grew up in had been knocked down a few years ago into a three-story apartment building. It originally was a one floor house with a finished basement. It had a big pavement backyard, a closed garage and a small garden against the gate shared with the neighbors. In the dream the house had been updated yet again to a two-story building. The first floor was an open area. I walked toward the house and went up one flight. I said I was looking into renting an apartment. The lady told me they were not renting now but still showed me around the house. We walked from room to room and she commented that I looked familiar. When we rounded back to the front room I saw standing there George in 19th Century clothing. George did not look happy. He was my imaginary friend as a child. I woke up when he gave me a half-smile. It did not feel like he was happy to see me.


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