Dear Muse I Miss You

I need a plan that will help me be more focused with my writing. I need to find the time during the day where I do nothing but write. I have to figure out a way to retrain the brain to function creatively. I know I had it once and it inspired me to write a blog years ago. However over time I over shared and had to step back for a while. It seems that now my Muse is dead or close to dying lying in a ditch somewhere. I need to find my Muse, nurse her back to health and reestablish our relationship.

After some thought my tentative plan is:

Wake up a 5am and write for an hour.

Read a chapter of something I find interesting during lunch.(step away from the desk for at least an hour)

From 9pm to 10pm on nights that I do not have school I will write

Keep my notebook handy and write all ideas that come to me for further exploration during my writing hours

Miss you Muse, please find me if I don’t find you first. 🙂


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