Does it get easier?

Does parenting get easier? No. Bigger the child, the bigger the issues that go along with them. I wonder often if I am failing at my parental duties. Ultimately only time will tell and the only person who can truly judge my performance is a few years away from a definite opinion on the matter.

Today at work two people who do not have children shared their very specific opinions on what a good parent is and should do. It does irk me when childless people judge parents performance.

One of those arguing is helplessly trying to conceive. They want to bring little ones into the world and smother them with love. The other person is a very young 20 something that is by their own admission too self-absorbed to have a child. It turns out they argued the same points, however the smother type had very specific thought process and if it does not follow said pattern they would feel like they would be failing at parenthood. The 20 something balked at the idea of a specific rules and argued that different approaches is ok as long as the result is the same.

I kind of fall somewhere between. I think all kids should feel loved and wanted. As with almost anything there is another side. Having children is a great responsibility and aside from love we also have to guide our children’s idea of right and wrong. There is no standard approach because there is no standard child. What might work for one child will not work for another. I find it best to know the child you have and cater your approach accordingly.

How do you think your opinion on parenting has changed from before you had children?


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