Oh, Shameless

Tonight’s season finale felt like a series finale. Everyone seemed to be moving on, some indefinitely into the sunset. I am curious how they will bring it all back together for next season.

Fiona – is a superstar. She has taken full responsibility for her siblings. She does everything and anything for them to keep them afloat. I do hope Jimmy/Steve is sleeping with the fishes.

Frank – not sure what to make of his final scene tonight. How far can he make it in the wintry mix with his colossal health issues? Was he on his way home? It seemed like he had an aha moment with Carl’s random act of misguided kindness.

Debbie – she needs a little light at the end of her tunnel. She gives, and gives and still always seems to come up short. So glad to see her stand up for herself and see a payoff.

Ian – really?

Lip – has an opportunity of a lifetime. I do hope the writers can schedule him back, maybe in summer breaks, etc but see him successfully charting new territory. His perspective while he visits his family on summer breaks on the life he used to live, that would be nice to see.

V & Kevin – a child is a child I suppose. Good luck with that. It was a hard process to watch though. Please no more motherf*ing scenes.

Overall the season was OK. It has been two years for Fiona and Jimmy and it felt like it was all set in weeks time, not years. There seemed a subtle shift in time this episode which at first struck me as odd. I am looking forward to next season despite the train wreck that are the Gallagher’s.


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