project weight loss – week 1

I have started a weight loss program consisting of exercise at the local Ymca and hopefully improved eating habits.I see my biggest obstacle as in effectively modifying my eating habits. I can find more reasons to justify how I eat than reasons to modify. I am a night-time student and making my dinners those nights are impossible so I go with what is easy, which usually is also unhealthy.

What has prompted this change, was after a shoe lace moment the other day. It was difficult to bend enough to tie my shoes. This isn’t the first moment that should have given me pause, it should have been reaching over 300 lbs, having to begin taking high blood pressure medicine, having severe sleep apnea or my overall feeling of crap.

My journey to weight loss has begun and I have taken the teenager along with me, much to their frustration. She is not overweight by general standards, however could benefit from starting a healthier lifestyle and not wait until you fall under the morbidly obese category. If your doctors begin to refer to you as morbidly obese, you have waited too long. I am not attempting to lose weight for vanity purposes. I simply want to be and feel healthier.

So my first week has consisted of 3 days working out, which notably has amounted to about 2 days of workout because one visit to the gym was simply a tour and how to use of machines.
Today’s visit was very productive and I am glad for that. πŸ™‚

Periodically I will check in here and update on my journey back to me.

Previous weight: 324 lbs
Current weight: 320 lbs
Goal: 200 lbs


3 thoughts on “project weight loss – week 1

  1. You are very brave to publicly declare your weight loss journey, and I commend you for it. My own mother doesn’t even know how much I weigh, I just can’t bare to speak it out loud! I hope your journey is fulfilling and everything you desire. I have been thinking about getting back on the “wagon” again as well. This was very inspiring to make me think about it again…

    Best of luck!!

  2. Hey. I am SO proud of you for starting this journey. I know you have a lot on your plate and that you often put lots of other things ahead of yourself. Remember that you can only do so much every day, so go easy on yourself when you have bad days. Baby steps. Yay YOU!! πŸ™‚

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