I have been divorced for twelve years and have dated for about seven of those twelve and have not found the “one”. Are my standards too high? Am I looking in all the wrong places? Am I looking at all?

Through a conversation with the teenager I realized they don’t think I have really dated since their dad but they do think I should date and that it is about time. I tried not to laugh on the outside but was definitely amused on the inside.

I made a promise to myself when I got divorced that there would not be a parade of men coming in and out of our lives, more specifically my child’s life and that I would not have a handful of children from different men. Apparently I have been able to do just that. However since she has not seen me with any man, including her dad(we separated when she was a toddler), has she missed out on a relationship model?
When I think of my criteria for a relationship, I think upon on my own experiences and the example of my parents, grandparents, etc..

I have found that when I least expect it “love” kind of finds me, that in the course of doing what I like I find people of similar mind-set, and that actively looking is, for me, forcing along what should come naturally. I will not find my partner sitting at home, but I do not think I will find them by specifically looking either.

I will continue to do what I love and hopefully along the way find someone who likes to do those things as well. It has been twelve years, what is a couple of more years, right?