I have found that making friends after 30 is quite difficult. After a certain age the shift of importance between friends and family shift. That is the natural order of things. Once one gets married priorities shift, as they should toward their family. Family first.

I fall under that category of folks that have found themselves having to start over again. I have tried to maintain my old friends from my former life, but they are just now beginning to form their own families or have very young families.

My single friends either have their own, usually small children or have no children at all. I am not sure which one is worse for me. My friends with small children treat me as if I have no children and feel compelled to tell me all about their adventures in parenting like I have no clue. Been there, done that, mostly alone.

Then there are the friends that have no children and do not understand my time constraints. Of those friends with no children there is a segment that seem to have this need to critique others parenting skills which bothers me to no end.

Then there are that even smaller bunch of friends regardless of whether they have children or not who only call upon me to listen to their woes. I listen patiently and advise accordingly. When I feel like I am drowning I do not get the same sit and listen courtesy.

I have found it easier to just look within and pull my thoughts in. Some might call that brooding. I call that sorting through my thoughts. It is not a very happy life at times, but it is mine. I have learned to compensate where it lacks and make it happy when I feel I am at my lowest. I have learned that happiness is not something someone can bring to you, but what you ultimately bring to yourself. Happiness is always lurking about and it is a matter of recognizing when it is there and enjoying it before it skips along to an unknown place. Happiness always finds its way back, even if only for a moment.


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