Oh Rats!

Oh rats literally, ugh. Let me start from the beginning…

A couple of days ago I heard running on my ceiling. I was told that the building had had in the past a squirrel problem so I did not give it too much thought. Add to the fact that a tenant was moving in over the weekend. I mentioned it to the landlord the other day but he did not seem concerned. Last night I start to smell something funky but could not find the source of it.

Today was a particularly warm day and it magnified the smell. I started to look through cabinets and sadly I found the source. A rat/mouse had gotten caught in a trap left by the previous tenant under the kitchen sink. I took a picture to show as proof to the landlord and discarded the dead animal.

This whole mess reminded of an incident that happened when I was a kid. It was a birthday which I am guessing was mine because it was in the summer. We had a house full of kids. Before going to the park across the street we hung out in the spare room. Once we decided to go outside my older sister went into the closet for a pair of shoes. She tried to put her foot in but it didn’t fit so she took it off and put her hand inside and found a dead rat. Before realizing what it really was she commented “oh wow how soft”. When she realized what it was she screamed in her best horror movie voice and ran out of the room.

I have been here for almost a year and it is the FIRST time I have encountered this problem. Experience dictates that if you find one there are more somewhere hidden. I am disgusted and curious on what the landlord will do. What is he obliged to do?


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