Elder moment day

The other day I had to work at a store. It is not something I have to do often but when I do I try to be as prepared as possible. It did not seem to matter this year how much I tried to prepare.

The morning started well enough until I had to find my glasses. I am basically blind without them. So a visually impaired person trying to find glasses without hopefully in the process stepping on them. Eventually I found them between my very heavy dresser and the wall.

I get to the mall 20 minutes late and try to find the “employee” entrance and made the mistake of asking the mall cop who told me to just to go through the regular mall entrance. Helpful advice IF the mall at that time of day was already open. The mall cop followed me and parked right beside me and asked what was my issue. Trying to avoid a confrontation I ignored him. I continued getting ready to walk into work. He tried to stare me into engaging him but I just walked out of my car and toward the store.

The day went okay albeit my feet in dire pain. I am an office monkey and am just not built for such hard labor. Kudos to those who can handle retail on a daily basis.

The whole day it rained.When I leave I can’t remember where I parked my car. I walk around in the rain for about 10 minutes when I realized trying to remember was a futile exercise. Thank goodness for OnStar. I followed the loud beeping and blinking lights to my car. Luckily I wasn’t too far off the mark.

The whole day felt like a comedy of elder moments. Thankfully I have a whole year to recover. 🙂


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