Writing prompt – A time I made things awkward…

I got this prompt by a newsletter I subscribe to from this lovely place…

Mama’s Losin’ It

Throughout my dating life I have met most of the men I have dated online. For the one in this story it only took 11 years, 2 months, and 4 days to meet in person. We almost met in person a handful of times before our meeting but the timing was never right.

At the time we met I was a quarterly visitor to the area of the U.S. he lived in. I was staying with an old friend. I did not prepare for our meeting thinking it as a date. I saw it more of just two old friends meeting and catching up.
When I get into his card and saw how he was dressed I realize he saw our meeting as a date. I felt a slight panic of nerves. I had not mentally prepared for a “date”. I felt awkward and insecure about how to behave.
He commented that I was prettier in person and that he liked my eyes. I smiled and dismissed it. As we began toward dinner we drove in silence for the most part. He repeated the compliment and simply got silence in response. The sound of awkward silence can be deafening.

Awkward silences plagued our relationship. We lasted for 6 months which is 24 weeks longer than I thought it would. He eventually got tired of the silence.


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