Still makes me smile…

A prompt to write something about a sibling that to think of it still made me smile and on occasion laugh, two memories come to mind. I couldn’t decide so I’ll share both. Two stories, same sibling. I have seven.

After dropping off my child to their first day of kindergarten I lose my keys. I wasn’t holding on to them as tightly as I should and dropped them in the sewer in the school parking lot. I tried to get help from the school but they basically said it sounded like a personal problem. This also a time before I had a cellphone. So I had to call my grandfather to come assist even though he lived 25 Florida miles from where I Was. On his way to me my brother brought into the fold to assist.
After some troubling shooting they determined that the best way to tackle the issue was head first, into the standing water sewer. I stood by in disbelief as my grandfather got a good grip of my brother’s ankles and lowered my brother head first for key fishing. After about thirty minutes of trying, success!
I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers and only the oldest of my younger brothers dipped into a sewer for me. The things we do for family.

The second story involves my brother just out of High School. He was not sure what he wanted to do with his life so in the meantime he took up the hobby of girls.
I happen to arrive early to my mom’s house. I see his car outside and thought nothing of it. He immediately greets me at the door and starts asking me all kinds of why the f**k are you here questions. “Because. I. Can. Be.”, I reply. He won’t let me get further than the kitchen. Through many eye movements, and tender shoves out the door I leave. I ask him later what was the deal and he very matter of fact confided that he had a girl hidden in the closet. He thought I was Mom and freaked out.
I made a note to self:never be the girl that they have to shove in the closet. Ha.


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