I’m joining up with Mama Kat’s (pretty much world-famous) Writer’s Workshop this week and I’ve chosen to share 6 random facts about me…

1.) I am a single mom that does not always feel I am doing a great job. I have to remind myself on occasion  it could be always be worse.

2.) I grew up in NJ but have lived in FL and the Dominican Republic and NYC. I have traveled to Vegas, Texas, Spain and England.

3.) I hate chocolate. I only crave it during visits from Aunt Flow, which are not often.

4.) I am contemplating weight loss surgery. I struggle with the sense of failure of not keeping myself healthy without intervention.

5.) I want to write a book about certain aspects of my life and of those of an assorted group of relatives. I am not sure many would be able to believe that the stories are non-fiction.

6.) I would love to get married again with someone who has their own kids. I’d like to contemplate more kids but not have any pressure about it.