Santos was a street dog that I can’t recall exactly how it found its way into my mom’s house. My mom is a person who is not big on the idea of animals co-existing in the home. He forced himself into the house and our hearts for a good five years. No matter what we did to him or where he went on his nightly adventures he always came back even bringing a friend home at times. He was if nothing else a responsible dog who brought home his pregnant “friends” that gave birth in my mom’s detached laundry room. Not all in the litters survived and were buried throughout the backyard. The rest were given to loving families.

During a visit my step-mom took Santos and gave him a good home. But Santos was a street dog. You can take the dog off the street but you can’t take the street out of the dog. He had at as good as he was ever going to get it. My step-mom is an avid animal lover. She has three dogs and loves them dearly. Santos was not one to back down from a fight so when the alpha male of the bunch snarled at Santos , Santos snarled right back ultimately ending his life. My step-mom was devastated.

The moral of the story is to recognize who are you are dealing with before you take up a battle. You might just bark at the wrong person who bites harder than you do. Not everyone is going to back down to your “awesomeness”.


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