Oh Dad

Oh, Dad I appreciate that because of you I had/have amazing grandparents and that I never had to know what it was like to be an only child. In that same vein because I have an assortment of siblings I worry there are more out there that we might not know about. I look a lot like my dad so when I hear others tell me that I remind them sooo much of someone they know, I wonder. Anything is possible. My dad was a very “friendly” guy in his youth. So if you are from Northern NJ, born on or after 1972 and you don’t know who or where your dad is, I might be able to help you locate him.

This song always make me laugh, it could happen … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnoxeHL1fvI

I make a joke of it but for a long time I held his carelessness against him. I now see him as the flawed human he is. He has rarely been taken to task for his bad behavior. On the rare occasion he quickly paints himself the victim in all of it.
Someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions does not garner much of my respect. I respect he is my dad, however I don’t look to him to inspire me or as a source of comfort. I never have what would my dad do moments. My two other dads(grandpa’s) are now gone.

This Father’s day is going to be hard not to be able to make my three calls. I am lucky to still have my dad alive and I know I will miss him when he is gone.
When I ask myself what would Abuelo want me to do on Father’s day? I know. He would want me to foster a relationship with my Dad even if on the most superficial level. To honor his wishes that is exactly what I will do for as long as my dad is around.

I miss you mis Abuelitos!



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