Random musings

Last night was the first night I used the C-Pap machine. It was frustrating trying to figure out the right setting for myself. The appointment with the technician was helpful but I can’t say easy to understand. It could have also been that it was a 7:30 a.m. appointment. They are definitely flexible with schedules.
I tried to follow the C-Pap tech’s instructions but only after two hours of tinkering with it I finally figured it out. It was too hot and I stopped treatment until the morning with more of smooth sailing.

The rest of my day consisted with a visit to Quest Diagnostic. The tech was too chatty and couldn’t find a vein for the life of her. Then we went for an oil change before driving two and a half hours for the kiddo. Then driving back home alone. Before getting home I stopped by and visited my area elders.

It was a long, tiring and frustrating day that I am glad is over. Without the kiddo in tow I am not sure what to do with myself. I have the free time but no real money or friends to hang with. As it tends to happen with me, when I am not free everyone is and when I am they are not.
I wonder how life will be when the child goes off to college. I think it might be time to dust off my meetup.com account. 🙂


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