Music to MY ears?

The music class I am taking has me writing two lists: one of my favorite song(short list) and a top 10 list of favorite songs (considerably longer list).
As I look through my list I remembered a few things. I grew up in an urban 80’s style of music time, that after hearing “One” by Metallica I have forever been more of a rock girl, I LOVE 80’s music even in all its cheesiness, and that thanks to meeting my ex-husband I found my way back to my roots through Spanish music.

I picked for my short list: Summertime by Will Smith. I picked this one for my presentation not necessarily because it is my all-time favorite but more because when I hear it it makes smile. I can relate to the descriptions of summer as a youth. At the time “cruising” for me was either in NJ off of Bloomfield Ave or later on in my teen years on Ocean Drive in FL. Thinking back at it now I realize how ridiculous it was to get all dressed and dolled up and never leave the car. It makes me laugh in the inside.

For my top ten I selected:
hansel y raul [artist], “maria teresa y danilo”, June 1985, RCA, La Magia de Hansel y Raul, Tropical/Salsa
I picked this one because the lyrics of the song speak to me. I can relate to familial dysfunction at that level. My dad was a friendly guy as witnessed by my 7 siblings.

adele adkins[artist], “rolling in the deep”, 2011, Pop Rock/R&B, 21, Feb 2nd 2011, XL

I picked this one because I can relate to the anger in the lyrics. I may not be her biggest fan but I have to admit she knows how to demonstrate emotion through her voice. ‘

Linkin Park[band], “easier to run”, march 25, 2003, “Easier to Run”, Meteroa, Pop/Rock, Warners Bros. Records

I bought this CD for track #11 but found this one and fell in love. I  have many things in my past I wish I could take back and not have as part of my past. It definitely struck an emotional cord with me.

Metallica, “one”, Pop rock/heavy metal, And Justice for all, September 5th 1988,Universal music/Elektra

Growing up in an urban environment and heavily influenced by my older sister’s likes and dislikes I had no idea of Rock’s existence with the exception of maybe Bon Jovi( I grew up in NJ). 😛 . So this song when introduced to me by a boy I liked at the time it blew my mind.

El Gran Varon, Frente a Frente, Willie Colon/Ruben Blades, Sony Music Latin,1988 released Top Secrets Album, Fania, December 30 1992

This selection was due to the catchy beats and rhythm of the song combined with very heavy lyrics. It was the first time I had heard a Spanish song with a message. When I hear it, it reminds me of a cousin who stayed in the closet for many years. He had tried to come out sooner but was discouraged when his dad made a comment to the effect of any son of mine who is gay would be dead to him. As with anything in life secrets don’t stay buried forever.

Bon Jovi, Slippery when wet, August 18, 1986, Pop Rock/Hair Metal, “wanted dead or alive”, Mercury Records

I grew in NJ in the 80’s and one could argue it was a requirement to listen to Bon Jovi, ha ! I like this song because of the intro and at least to me it is recognizable by said intro.

TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool, November 15th 1994, R&B, “waterfalls”, LaFace Records

I like this song because of the message and the way they combined R&b and rap.

Aventura, Love & Hate,November 18, 2003, Premium Latin Music Label, “Hermanita”

I like Bachata and this Spanish boy band basically. This song in particular discusses domestic violence. Sadly it is a topic I know about from personal experience and so it resonates with me on an emotional level. Throughout the song it is from the perspective of a loved one looking at it from outside the situation. There is very little one can do until the abused decides enough is enough.

Kelly Clarkson, October 25, 2011, Stronger,”Honestly”, Pop Rock, RCA

I like this song because it addresses the fake factor in peoples interactions with each other. Too much of it going around for my taste.

Three Days Grace, june 13 2006, “Never too late”, Pop rock/alternative metal/post grunge, One-x, Jive Records

This sound touched me personally when a cousin “accidentally” killed himself. He was so young but decided it was too late for him to turn his life around. It is never too late until you die and dying should not be your own hands.(in my opinion). If there is still life in you, it is NEVER too late. You are the master of your universe. 🙂


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