Travels and the sweat shop

This past week I was traveling through the Mid-Atlantic states visiting company offices to help other employees to more efficiently process paperwork and meet tight deadlines. My ex husband happens to live in one of these Mid-Atlantic states and the child is with him now.

We all did try to meet up at the beginning of the trip but it was too far and we were too tired from work, well at least the two of us where, principally those who would be driving.

Despite being warned that traffic is a nightmare I was able to finish my travels/meetings early and so on the day of my return I made a surprise visit to the exes while he was at work and saw the child. I didn’t stay long though.
I made it to the train station early and even though the battery to my phone was dying I was able to change to an earlier train home with my managers approval.

As I am walking toward the platform my ex walks into the station. We stood frozen just staring at each other in disbelief. Neither of us expected to see each other. We just stood there for a few minutes and then proceeded to ask each other what are you doing here? I proceeded to use to his phone to which took me 10 minutes to figure out to use and he went to do something.
For all the divorce stories I hear we are pretty civil and are in good standing. It is best to be alone than miserable.

Speaking of miserable when I returned, my office had turned into a sweat shop. Just imagine 100 degree weather and no air conditioner. I am hoping it is fixed by Monday.:)


One thought on “Travels and the sweat shop

  1. I haven’t actually run into the ex since our divorce became official. I am dreading the day, and I hope it happens when I’m SO FAR beyond over it… that seeing him will have no effect.

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