“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

Yesterday I had a dinner date with an old co-worker. They left the company I work for about a month ago. We had done some lunches when we worked together. I try to be optimist when it comes to possibly making friends. These days I do not have a lot of friends, mostly by choice. It seems every time I put myself out there it doesn’t go as planned.

We met at an Outback by their house, an area I really like. Before I could sit down comfortably I realized meeting with her was a mistake. I should have listened to the inner voice that whispered earlier to cancel. It turns out she had no interest in meeting up with me, she simply wanted office gossip. Maybe she never paid any attention before, I DO NOT office gossip. I am no saint but I do not repeat what I hear at work. Her suggestion when I shut her down? To act like I am listening to my music with the headphones but have the music off so I could listen and report back.
So much for making a connection. Before I made it home I deleted her number from my phone.

Note to self: Listen to your instincts!