And then I couldn’t scream(dream)

The dream started that I was with family even including my recently departed grandfather. We were all waiting to go to the movies. I got the sense that it was my youngest Uncle from my dad’s side house but by the look of the house it was more of my dad’s sister’s house. Either way it was a big group. I decided not to go to see the movie and found myself wandering a quaint town and end up walking with a reporter who is looking for a drug dealer. She finds who she is looking for and I find myself doing more wandering. This random dude bumps into me and excuses himself quite rudely. I do not want trouble so I let it go. We( the random dude and I) cross paths again however but this time he has a stick and is attempting to beat me with it. His companions try to persuade him to stop but he warns them to try to stop this beating. I begin to scream for help but barely a whisper of a scream makes it out and then I wake up.


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