Lately I have learned that when people show themselves I really should not ignore it just because I do not want to deal with the reality of who they are. I have also learned that when people have to announce how awesome they are, how nice they are, they are neither THAT awesome or nice. If you were then you wouldn’t need to point out the obvious, right?

I have a sister whom everyone likes. Her likability factor is plain to see and feel. She does not go about tooting her own horn, you are just simply drawn to her. It really is hard to explain. This does not mean she is perfect(no one is).
There is a person I know that when she does a good deed she needs to share it so everyone knows she does random acts of kindness. When they start a sentence with, “to tell you the truth”…I question everything they said before this statement.

As I get older and crankier the more I realize I need to win the lottery and buy a remote island.