A good 16 years ago when the child was just under the age of two they tried to climb out of the kitchen window. A couple of things worked in our favor to prevent a tragedy. A soiled diaper and a state law that requires window guards for any apartment dwellers with children aged 5 and under.

The child was running through the house and playing. I was picking up the place and cooking. For a split second I went into another room and then I heard screaming coming from the kitchen. I ran into the room and found the child stuck at the waist and head facing out of the window. She was trying to wiggle out by pushing on the chair which was only making her hang out the window more. I removed the chair and slid my hand through the window pushing her upper body in. I felt her slip and panicked and pushed faster and harder not really thinking about the big bruise that would follow. When I think about it now the temporary bruise on her arms was a better alternative to the permanent bruise if she fell head first 5 floors down to the ground.
To think about it now still gives me the chills. Once she was safely out of the window, I closed the window and turned into a heap of tears.