A time I wanted to punch someone in the face was not that long ago. It is actually still a current feeling. My dad is a d-bag in regards to many things, but right now just in regards to his parents. They have been the guiding light to him, his siblings and all their grandchildren. When my grandfather got sick and ultimately died my dad’s true colors moved into full view.

I told my grandmother that she can forgive him, he is her son, but I cannot. I know someday I will have to come around just not today or any day in the foreseeable future. I cannot will myself to respect a man who does not respect his own parents. Without them he would still be pumping gas with his wives and children in tow.

I avoided my dad while I was visiting recently because I had left my filter at work, another place I use it often. I was afraid I would say something in anger that would upset my grandmother.

I was worried my grandmother was blinded by motherly love but on her occasional rant I saw she was well aware of who her son is. She chooses to keep it out of mind as to not misplace her own filter when she might need it most.

Dad, keep in mind that you will get old, well older one day and that Karma is VERY real. You have not been the best dad and so that is not working in your favor in the kid karma department. Did you think I could hang out with you and your judgements about my life and act like all is well in the universe?

I wish you no harm, Dad, but I wish you to stay away even more.