Future vacation choices…

In about a month I will have some personal vacation time. It seems like I have been traveling a lot this year but it has been mostly work or family related. This new adventure will be completely for me. I have narrowed it down to a few options: San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Boston or Canada(i am leaning toward Toronto).

I think of San Francisco because I have a cousin out there and a long-lost blog friend. Denver because I have never been. Chicago also because I have never been and because of a long-lost old co-worker out there. Boston because it is the closest of the options and I have never been and I have long-lost Facebook/Blog friend out there, and finally Canada because the only part of Canada I have seen is Niagara Falls and I have an old blog/Facebook friend out there that has been trying to get me out there for years.

I am still in the research phase. I want to make sure there are plenty of things to do that fall in line with my interests and that are safe to travel for a woman traveling solo.
My interests include but are not limited to: museums, comedy clubs, history related activities, a place that is picture friendly( I love taking pictures)…just to name a few.

Any help with this would be great!


2 thoughts on “Future vacation choices…

  1. I have to give a nod to Boston because I was born there. Literally. We had field trips when I was a kid in school to places like the New England Aquarium. It’s a hop, skip and a jump from the Charlestown Navy yard and the USS Constitution. I love the planetarium too. Quincy Marketplace is very fun and is surrounded by history. You can walk the Freedom trail to take in lots of history. There are museums galore. Cross the Charles River and you’re in Cambridge which is not only home to Harvard, but lots of fun places to see. The amount of history in the area is insane. Best to stay outside the city on I-95 and take the T (public transit) into and around the city. If you can go in mid to late September when the kids are back in school, it’s a great time of year. The weather is less humid, and the leaves start to turn beautiful by late September. (The fall foliage is amazing). Oh yeah, tons of photo ops (lots of parks- the Public Gardens and the Swan Boats are wonderful- see book Make Way for Ducklings). I know there are comedy clubs, but I left the area in my early 20’s and never did much clubbing there.

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