The Shield Dream..

Just as I was about to awake and could hear the hard rain outside my window I had a dream about being a human shield for my child, literally.
The dream was set in an urban area. It could have been anywhere in the northern states. My best guess was that it was in downtown Baltimore because my ex hubs was in the dream and that when we got away we were headed toward interstate 395. In the dream the girl child is walking ahead of us and it seems there was no else on the streets with us except a group of maybe four kids standing on a corner. We(my ex and I) pass without incident but the child gets harassed but keeps on walking like she can’t hear them heckling her. She is very far ahead of us and can’t hear us as we call out to her. We go into the store we were all suppose to go in. We assume she will meet us in there. My ex is making an order of something when the girl child nervously walks in. We take note of the worried look on her face but before we can ask she is followed by the four male kids that were hanging on the street corner. I walk toward my child and take a protective stance in front of her. They(the kids) try to intimidate us and as my ex approaches I go into a trance, eyes rolling back and I am warning them to stay the fuck away. An invisible field surrounds me and my kid as felt when the trouble makers try to approach us. Everyone is spooked of me when I start moving stuff with my mind and lock the front door as the trouble makers try to get away. I tell my child to call 911 and she does. Once I hear the cops at the door I mentally unlock the door, let down my shield, and emerge from my trance. My child touches my shoulder and it centers me mentally. We calmly relate to the cops what happened minus the trance part. The final image I have of the dream is us(me,ex and kiddo) driving away.


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