A picture

Not sure this picture needs much to be said about it. It perfectly shows what my family has lost. The location is in the south. My grandparents are in the their one acre backyard obviously posing for whomever is taking the picture. This one of the hundred of photos that popped up on Facebook around the time my grandfather died. It is when he was still relatively healthy and mobile. They collectively had a green thumb. When they retired from the north they bought this little house on a lot of land. They filled the backyard with many colorful plants and fruit trees. In the back of their yard my grandfather had his man cave aka tool shed. He was a mechanic by trade. Their relationship had a hard beginning due to coming from different social classes which was a very important sticking point for his family. I would say though they got through it just fine and created a big, prosperous family. They loved their family as much as they loved each other.


2 thoughts on “A picture

  1. I love it.

    I just wrote on Facebook the other day about a beautiful tree with flowers on it, that my grandmother watered and fertilized every day after they moved down South. I was thinking about writing a blog entry for it too.

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