I know I am getting old ….

I know I am getting old not just by the greys on my head. I know I am getting old because:

I pick up after myself plus 1
I stopped sleeping until noon(more years than I care to count ago)
When I realized after my first job that summer break was not a free for all of time
When I started to listening to the lyrics in the music I listen to and not just the beats
When I heard music from my generation playing in the elevators or referred to on the oldies stations as 80’s, 90’s and today
When getting down was easy but back up, not so easy
Because I can remember that the M in MTV stands for music, at least it used to
I remember watching the premiere of “Thriller” on MTV
I remember watching Little House on the Prairie in real-time not just through re-runs
Romper Room was my favorite show
Young people refer to me as Ma’am and do not card me anymore
I remember taping music off the radio and editing out commercials later
I saw ET in theaters and it was considered state of the art
I remember using payphones and beepers and a time before cell phones
I remember having to look stuff in the library and owned an encyclopedia in book form

This is not a complete list of ways in which I know I am old or at least getting there but it is a start. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “I know I am getting old ….

  1. I can relate to several of those. I know I’m getting older because my hair has gone completely gray and I’m ok with it. I can’t sleep more than about 7 hours without having to get up and pee and I’m not ok with that. And there are so many things I got all wound up about when I was younger, that I just don’t give a damned about now (so freeing!).

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