Plane dream

The starts as if I am at work social event. There is in attendance an old co-worker from a previous job that I no longer have contact with. His presence makes people think he might be a boyfriend or something to that effect. The gossip mill is in full force. I excuse myself and find myself in what looks like the 72nd street west side entrance of central park. The sky is a clear blue without a cloud in sight. As I stand waiting for hot dog a little girl standing next to me points out that a plane is coming. I look up just in time to see a blue missile like looking plane before it hits just within the central park perimeter. There is a big explosion and everyone runs for safer space. The crash itself jolted me awake.
I get up and go to the bathroom and upon return to bed I continue the dream but now it is all related to the aftermath. It alternates between me reporting the news on TV and of being stuck in a basement with one of the managers at my current job.


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