It happened at daycare…

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This Week’s Writing Prompts for Thursday 09/26

1.) Happy Fall! The first day of Fall was September 22nd, share something fall related you did!
2.) Coffee Talk! Share your first pumpkin spice latte of the season with us. Bonus point: Pay it forward and buy a pumpkin spice latte for someone else.
3.) It happened at daycare.
4.) Something you learned about blogging from an unlikely source.
5.) Write a list of things your kids have said that that made you cringe.

It has been quite a few years since I have had to deal with daycare’s and the such. Luckily the child and I both survived the experiences.

Shortly after I separated from my now ex-husband the child went to her first daycare experience. Before this, assorted family members helped with the childcare. We were always of the belief that we would hold off daycare until it was the only option available. Divorce sped up that process.
Before the age of two she went to her first daycare and cried for the first year everyday. I chalked it up to getting used to the surroundings.
Then one day I get a call from the daycare that there has been an incident and that they will tell me the details when I pick her up. I left work early and rushed over. The lady matter of fact told me that my child slapped her teacher and that I needed to handle it. I remained silent and followed-up with what were the circumstances that led to this incident. The director replied that it didn’t matter and that I needed to reprimand my child ASAP. Her response to me was a red flag. I insisted on an answer and she reluctantly called in my child’s “teacher”. It was revealed that they tried to forcibly sit her down when she would not do so by talking.

Yes my child should respect her elders however under NO circumstances are you to hold my child down and in the process leave marks on her arm and then try to cover it up. The child was simply defending themselves. Needless to say that was my child’s last day at that particular daycare.


3 thoughts on “It happened at daycare…

  1. Oh this makes me sad. I hate hearing about adults abusing their positions to be so forceful with kids. Especially with kids who are too little to communicate what’s going on. We really have no choice but to trust they’re being well taken care of.

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