Futureme email…

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 5 months and 29 days ago, on June 17. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Dear FutureMe,

This is you a week after you turned 38. You have had to deal with a lot of emotional stuff and some impractical stuff.

Today someone complained you were being condescending and controlling really upset you. There have been times where people have done things that offended you but you said nothing. You figured it was just part of life, you sucked it up and let it go. The universe is not showing the same kindness. You feel like they are setting you up.

You need to find your way out on your own terms. Do not give them cause. Set yourself up for success, not failure for once. Take control of where you want to be, and how you want to be and act accordingly. Here is hoping you either have taken control of the situation and/or moved to a better situation all on your own terms. Take ownership of your life!!!


Reading back I remember that was in general a tough week. It had been 6 months since gramps had died and I had just turned that much closer to 40. There is nothing wrong with 40, it simply reminds me that I no longer a child and need to woman it up now and again.

My message to myself was to take ownership of my life, which I have only slightly succeeded in doing. I have taken into account where my priorities lie and 99.8% of the time I find myself answering: to my family of two. This is good and bad. It is good because if not me then who? and bad because it stops from recognizing when I should begin to let go and when to stand my ground.


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