Advice my mom gave me…
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The Prompts:

1.) Pinterest inspired!
2.) Advice your mother gave you.
3.) A blog post inspired by the word: gold
4.) I love this idea of an art journal, try it (or have your child try it) and share your creation!
5.) 7 things you overheard this week.

5 pieces of advice my mom has given me:

“My mom is full of relationship advice and it all tends to end up the same: Men are not to be trusted.”(I get it considering her experience but I refuse to believe all men suck. I believe for every good woman out there, there is a man to match.)

“Always know the last name of a man you sleep with.”

“No child should have privacy in your house unless they pay rent.”

“Karma is real, just look at your Dad and step-mom. They deserve each other.”

“Get it together.Life is too short to be miserable.”


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