Three things I learned in February:

I learned in February that parenting a teenager is hard. It is not so much that I didn’t already know but more that I finally realized that fighting it is futile. I have to come to it everyday recognizing it is a phase that will hopefully see an end soon. I love my child but the angst? Not so much. Pick your battles otherwise all your days become battles.

During some college visits in February it was pointed out to me that my vocabulary has gone back to my 17 year old self. My ex husband said that no adult pushing 40 should use whatever in a sentence. Perhaps on some degree sure but sometimes “whatever” with appropriate eye roll fits the situation age be damned!

I learned that teenagers are manipulative creatures, however I cannot fight all their battles. They have to learn to deal with difficult situations/people.(Life is full of them). I am working on figuring out when to get involved and when they need to learn a life lesson.