Last month ramblings….

As it turns out my immune system is at an all time low. In the last three weeks I have had the flu and today it was determined that I have bronchitis. I would not be surprised if every time I leave my desk at work it is not sprayed with Lysol. I don’t blame them though.

I had my review in the last week. It was positive for all intents and purposes. It lacked enthusiasm with all those involved but I can settle for lukewarm for now. I like what I do for a living and where I work for the most part. I have no desire to search for a new job but I am hell bent on getting my CPP certification.

SAT’s are stressful and I am not even the one taking the test. I can’t believe so much importance and pressure is put on performance on ONE test.

My mom went to the hospital yesterday. The results are not in but considering her past with heart issues they admitted her. Here’s hoping she doesn’t sign herself out. She is a horrible patient, ha. I am thankful she does not live alone. It could have been a lot worse if my sister had not found her. It is stressful to be so far away when things like this happen.
I miss my family but I love my privacy more. That might sound selfish but it is true to how I feel.

I am scheduled for vacation for in July. My brother now lives an hour north of San Francisco and I am aching to go visit. I have no interest in staying within my brother and cousin’s bachelor pad paradise. I would stay in a hotel for sure.
So between July 24th-29th I would like to visit one or two of the following places….Suggestions for sightseeing is welcomed…
San Francisco
Somewhere in Oregon


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