séances, parenting and other ramblings…

In the last week I have attempted to communicate with the “other” side, wondered where I have gone wrong in parenting and have tried to get my summer traveling plans finalized for me and the child…

Last Saturday I went to a meetup group event, a séance. It was not what I considered a usual meetup event but it was entertaining and apparently I did get to connect with gramps. On threat of death, ha, I cannot share the audio but when I listen to it, I wonder how the fudgecracker did she know that?!

At work things have gotten better because we are fully staffed now, things at home however have gotten worse. I get that the teenager years can be tense but the stress levels between us is very difficult to deal with. The grades are way down and their lack of motivation to work on it in earnest is the root of most our tension and then add their social issues. I am at a loss on how to help them. The school is of no use in regards to the bullying that the child will not cop to and I can’t prove. However the bullying was relentless in middle school and I do not believe it has just stopped. We live in a small town. I have set up an appointment with a therapist so they can talk to a third party. They won’t talk to me and I can’t sit by idly and watch them be miserable.

Summer plans are still in the planning stages. I think the kiddo would benefit from a visit to my family. It might help ease her stress to feel the warmth of family. The child is open to it as long as I do not go as well. To their defense we do spend A LOT of time together. We are also looking for college programs for them to participate in.
As for my own summer plans? I have narrowed it down to SanFran, Seattle or Chicago. I want to check off my new years list of going somewhere I have never been. My biggest concern is traveling alone and being safe.


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