Mama’s Losin’ It

A Mama Kat’s writing prompt…:)

I am not sure whose fault the end of my last concrete relationship was. It is hard to tell. When I think back to I realize we were doomed to fail. We were ill-matched in every way except one. That ONE way was not enough to keep it to keep going for the long haul.

The breaking point came two weeks before the fatal blow. It was on the heels of having spent a weekend in bumblefuck upstate NY where there was no t.v. or internet connection to fill in the void of time between playtime.
Even though we did not address it directly we both became keenly aware after that weekend that there little between us besides the physical. Shortly after I was intent on having the “talk” with him and did. My execution of it was poor and I stumbled over feelings I was surprised it provoked in me. As the young folk might say, “It was an epic fail”. A week later he began to pull away from me literally and figuratively speaking. We saw each other one time after our “talk” but our dynamic had changed to perpetually awkward. We spoke on the phone once more after but when the call dropped(I was on the train), we never spoke again.

I think the fault was our combined inability to communicate openly and honestly.