Have wheels, will travel…

Have wheels and will travel are the words I live by since moving back to my home state some six long years ago. Before moving back it had never occurred to me how limiting it was to live on the island known as Florida(ha). To get to the nearest neighboring state it takes a good eight hours drive. Where I currently live, in under 2 hours you can cross state lines(DE,PA,NY,CT), making a day trip a relatively easy commute.

Someone recently asked me if I would ever move back to Florida and I gave a quick no. After giving it some thought thinking I had perhaps been too quick to answer, I still came back to no. I had more pros than cons for living in the Garden State despite being so far away from my immediate family. I have come to terms with the fact that Florida is not a good fit to the lifestyle I have become use to living.

I have wheels and I am not afraid to explore and travel however far my recall riddled P.O.S car will take me.


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