At the fair….

Almost two weeks ago I went to a fair about thirty minutes from where I live. I went to show moral support for a co-worker who was working the fair with their second job. With my teen in tow we walked around and between tasting the typical food and other attractions a medium stumbled upon me. We had already seen all we were going to see and were in the process of trying to figure which was the cross street to turn toward the car. I made fleeting eye contact with the “fortune teller” and she summoned me over and instructed me to sit. My child rolled their eyes and proceeded to sit on a nearby bus stop bench mindlessly toying with their phone.

The medium said to me, Sarah please pick three cards. I initially did not respond in word or movement. I was stuck on how the heck she knew my name. She waited patiently and I eventually picked three cards. One stated I would be finding work soon(I already have a job) and would move early next year. The second card stated that love would find me sometime next March and to make sure that I did not let my past adversely affect my future. Before the third card, she reached to touch my hand and said that I needed to go to the doctor and get checked out. It didn’t seem serious but could be if I left it untreated.(She did not specify what exactly needed to be checked). Finally the third card revealed that in December a pregnancy would be announced and that I would play a big role in the upbringing of that child. She told me to ask her three questions which I could not think of so she turned cards on my behalf. She looked puzzled and asked if I had been feeling like I was not alone. I shrugged an I guess response. She leaned in and whispered that I was not alone and that there was an older lady hoovering that she did not think was related to me and that I should seek out a medium so I could receive the message. She said I should not shy away from my “gift”. She said it does me more harm than good in not confronting it. I told her I find it best to ignore my “hunches”. I have spooked people with things I don’t understand how I know or feel off of them so I have decided to just ignore them.

When I was younger I used to sense things and even now I do tend to dream oddly and vividly. I chalk it up to an active imagination, however there are those times that things happen as I have dreamed them. It is like walking into a moment you have already lived through.

I am not sure I want to open a door that I might not be able to close. In a perfect world I would nail the door shut. That is the goal. I rather not feel so deeply things that are not my own to feel. I have enough on my plate. The only other person that would understand is my ex-hubs but he and I are not very communicative these days. If there is anyone out there with suggestions on closing the door I am all ears.


One thought on “At the fair….

  1. I recently found out one of my sisters is eight months pregnant and due in December…wtf..I am not sold though that i will be a big part in this child’s life. This sister and I are not exactly close. I do not even have her cell #.

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