The New Year and resolutions….

Most years my resolutions are the same, lose weight, find love, be happy. I still want all those things but only if it makes me happy.

My goal for 2015 as I approach 40 is to be happy. To find a sense of contentment outside of my relationships with others. I want to work on my relationship with myself. I have to figure what happy means to me and find things that enable that feeling to spread throughout all the other aspects of my life.

2014 in review:

January- decided to take off a semester from school to make sure it is something I really wanted to do

February – focused on kiddos college visits and prep for SAT testing

March – upped my participation in meetup group activities

April- went to a seance and made contact with my grandfathers

May- worked at our times square store

June – turned 39 and kiddo 18….took a trip to Niagara Falls to celebrate

July – took a writing class at a local middle school; made a surprise visit to family for niece’s 1st birthday and a grannies birthday

August- decided to go back to school. I only have 8 classes to go. Time will pass anyway so I might as well make it count. I am not sure what to do with my major upon graduation

November- supported the stores on Black Friday in out of state location. I like working my mandatory two times a year at stores at locations out of my area. Participated in NANOWRIMO and made it to 10,500 words;the most words I have gotten to in recent years.

December – passed a required class for my major and failed the linguistics class. Worked toward mending a failing relationship with an old friend. Took steps on getting professional help with my highs and lows.


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