On the 2015 list…Chicago!

On the the list of things I wanted to do this year was to travel and preferably somewhere I had never been before. It seems I am on track because in April I am traveling to Chicago.

I have always wanted to go. I have heard mixed reviews about Chicago in general. Some good and some things not so great. The same can be said about NYC and I generally feel safe in NYC. I guess any major city has its issues. I suspect the truth about them lies somewhere in between. I am a little worried about traveling alone and for no particular reason than to check it off a list and meet up briefly with a friend from San Fran.

Things I would like to do/see while there: A blatant tourist attraction/tour, a place off the beaten path(something the locals do) and take in the architecture. Anything else is just gravy. I am not going for a long time, just basically a long weekend.

I am nervous and excited  but ultimately am hopeful I will enjoy it. Here is praying for no snow. I can’t speak for everyone in North East but I for one have snow/winter fatigue.


8 thoughts on “On the 2015 list…Chicago!

    1. See the sights…I get there on a Friday morning and leave on a Monday morning. That Friday I meet my Chicago greeter, Saturday doing a boat tour and then catch a movie from the Latin movie film festival and Sunday not so sure.
      You can email me for details….:)

  1. I will be there and gone just before you’re in town. Bummer!

    I am personally not a fan of Chicago, but I was born and raised there. Everyone who has visited says they think it’s great and the people are nice, so I presume you may feel the same. I think if you’re going to visit, the boat tour is a great idea. It will probably be quite chilly on the water, so plan for that. I have gone to baseball games many times in April when it was 52, but it felt more like 25…the air coming off the water is freezing. Hard to predict that time of year.

    I’m sure your tour guide will inform you, but Portillo’s for a beef sandwich, Gino’s East for pizza or Super Dawg for a Chicago style hot dog are always my recommendations for low cost eats. They’re my personal favorites. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit! I presume you’re pretty street smart overall, so I’ll spare the typical advice I’d give most people.

    1. Thanks so much for suggestions. I am looking forward to the trip. I do worry about traveling alone..I figure like any big city one has to be alert of their surroundings. I live a rock throw from NYC.No one ever says New Yorkers are friendly. Ha! My hotel is along the blue line…how does it compare to the other lines as far as safety?

      1. Being a suburbanite who doesn’t love the city, I can tell you the blue line is one of the safest, all things considered. The West and South sides of Chicago are where I personally would avoid. Yes there’s always someone who will say they’re not all bad… but I am not one to roll the dice and find out. The North side and downtown are typical city neighborhoods, but overall safer than others. I’m sure it goes without saying, but don’t take the free magazine lol. Someone will undoubtedly try to give you one on the street. It used to be called Street Wise. Don’t even engage in conversation with them.

        I have never been to NYC, but I can presume that you’ll feel about the same safety-wise in Chicago. I’m not a superior tour guide, despite having lived in the area my whole life, but I know the suburbs like the back of my hand 🙂

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