On the the list of things I wanted to do this year was to travel and preferably somewhere I had never been before. It seems I am on track because in April I am traveling to Chicago.

I have always wanted to go. I have heard mixed reviews about Chicago in general. Some good and some things not so great. The same can be said about NYC and I generally feel safe in NYC. I guess any major city has its issues. I suspect the truth about them lies somewhere in between. I am a little worried about traveling alone and for no particular reason than to check it off a list and meet up briefly with a friend from San Fran.

Things I would like to do/see while there: A blatant tourist attraction/tour, a place off the beaten path(something the locals do) and take in the architecture. Anything else is just gravy. I am not going for a long time, just basically a long weekend.

I am nervous and excited  but ultimately am hopeful I will enjoy it. Here is praying for no snow. I can’t speak for everyone in North East but I for one have snow/winter fatigue.