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 A couple weeks ago we talked about the 7 best things about being an adult…this week list the 7 WORST things about being an adult.
When I was a teenager I used to dream about being an adult. I dreamed of the all ways it would be awesome and I would finally have the freedom to do whatever I wanted. It is true you have the freedom to do what you want, however there is a price for this “freedom”. You have to work hard to be able to play hard and that ability to do what you want is closely linked to whether that vacation you want to take is approved by your boss. Go figure. Short of being your own boss you always have to answer to someone….
The 7 worse things about being an adult
1.) With age comes responsibility to yourself, others or work
2.) As you get older so do your childhood caregivers. Being an adult means you will have to inevitably deal with loss of those you love.
3.) As you get older and have kids you lose your ability to do what you want on a whim. There are things and people to consider in your decisions.
5.) The body begins to fail you. The days you could once run, jump and stay up late all hours  are gone.
6.) The music you loved as a kid is now either elevator music or is considered an oldie but goodie and the movies you went to see at the theater as kid? Now are classics.
7.) No one ever cards you for drinks. Your age shows on your face or the white “highlights” in your hair.